The Most Incredible VMA Photos Ever!

The VMAs are home to some of the most memorable moments in pop music and pop culture history. From the time Madonna stunned audiences at the very first VMAs in 1984, hitting the stage in risque bridal attire for her "Like A Virgin" performance, Eminem's army of Eminems at the 2000 VMAs, Britney and Madonna's jaw-dropping kiss in 2003, through Lady Gaga's almost unbelievable meat dress at the 2010 VMAs, the VMAs are known for leaving an indelible mark on the pop landscape.

So, to honor the VMA's rich tradition of leaving people talking (and wondering what meat feels like against human flesh), we're taking a year-by-year look at the most epic, most incredible VMA moments of all time in our MOST INCREDIBLE VMA MOMENTS EVER PHOTO GALLERY!

We've highlighted one photo from every year of the VMAs, including some of the ubiquitous stand-out moments, like Britney Spears presenting Michael Jackson with a birthday cake in 2002, as well as some of the more intimate moments backstage that you may have missed, like a very smiley Kurt Cobain getting ready for the 1992 VMAs with his Nirvana bandmates.

Check out some of our all-time favorite most epic VMAs photos, and be sure to check out the entire MOST INCREDIBLE VMA MOMENTS EVER PHOTO GALLERY!

Credit: Getty Images

Before Madonna was seeing "rays of light" and practicing pilates 30 hours a day, the superstar was teaching us how to "Vogue" in Victorian-era costumes at the 1990 VMAs. She's not the supposed "Queen Of Pop" for nothing -- this performance is an all-time stand-out.

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Credit: Getty Images

Seen here with presenters Mary J. Blige and Diana Ross at the 1999 VMAs, fellow presenter Lil' Kim helps give out a Moonman while simultaneously inviting the world to check her out. Moments later, Diana Ross did... with her hand.

Credit: FilmMagic

Oh come ON, Beyonce and Jay-Z. It was pretty obvious you were dating at the 2004 VMAs!

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