Star Spotting: Katy Perry Shows Her True Colors

Credit: Pacific Coast News

That's it, I'm calling Crayola and demanding they name a crayon after Katy Perry. Forget "Razzle Dazzle Rose" or "Jazberry Jam Fushia," those labels are so desperate for an upgrade. How about "Katy Perry Pink?" Like her newly pink hair (!!!!!!!!!!!).

Crayon or not, the "E.T." singer was sporting some major hues while stopping at a gas station in LA this afternoon. Decked out in a flower power tunic, bright bracelets, baby blue sunglasses and pulled back pink hair, Perry looked like just your average coloring book. If anyone should have their own art supply line for back to school, it's this girl. There's not a hue she can't make hot. She should launch highlighters, colored pencils and markers. She could even be the new Lisa Frank! (JK, no one could ever replace Lisa Frank.)

Wait! Even better idea: What about an entire box of crayons named after some of our fave singers? There could be "Beyonce Blue" ('cause girl looks HOT in aqua) or "Selena Gomez Grey" (So classy!) or Ke$ha would so be that surprise glitter crayon that they sometimes sneak in to the box... with a hint of mud brown.