New Song: Florence And The Machine, 'What The Water Gave Me'

Credit: Andreea Radulescu

With her powerful, operatic voice and outsized musical ambitions, Florence Welch has never written the typical pop song. Thankfully, the widespread success of Lungs, the debut album of Florence and the Machine, hasn't compromised the sound of their new single "What the Water Gave Me." The sweeping, epic track should please Lungs fans, who are already amped upon hearing of the band's planned second album.

The as-yet-untitled album isn't coming until November, but you can hear "What the Water Gave Me" below. The track, co-written by Francis White (Adele's "Chasing Pavements"), cribs its title from a Frida Kahlo painting and builds up to an anthemic conclusion, with Welch fervently chanting "Lay me down/Let the only sound/Be the overflow/Pockets full of stones" repeatedly.

Clocking in at nearly six minutes, "Water" is the band's longest track to date. We're not complaining. The song allows Welch to open up and flex her dynamic range in ways only hinted at on the group's radio-ready 3-minute tracks.

While our UK friends can expect the as-yet-untitled album November 7, no word yet on the official U.S. release date.

+ Listen to Florence and the Machine's "What the Water Gave Me"