New Video: Marina & The Diamonds, 'Radioactive'

Credit: Brendan Tobin

It's our personal belief that Marina & The Diamonds is like, one of the top three coolest things to come out of the UK in a minute -- one referring to the hotness that is David Beckham and two referring to the insane hats worn at The Royal Wedding. But I digress.

Marina's new song "Radioactive" marks a clear departure from her previously piano-driven, indie, sometimes folkish sound. Produced by Swedish hitmakers Stargate (Rihanna, Katy Perry), "Radioactive" has a larger, more booming and polished pop sound. We know what you might be thinking: "Marina is selling out!" or "She's trying to sound like the 78 GABILLION other pop princesses out there!" But on "Radioactive," you'll hear that Stargate has successfully preserved the uniqueness of Marina's voice, and her lyrics actually touch upon the very superficiality she's trying to avoid. "Lying on a fake beach/You'll never get a tan/Baby, I'm gonna leave you drowning/Until you reach for my hand/In the night your heart is full/And by the morning empty/But, baby, I'm the one who left you/You're not the one who left me."

While this new single will inevitably garner comparisons to today's most well known pop songstresses, it's our professional recommendation that you try and embrace the new Marina -- she's sounds pretty hot... as in radioactive. (Sorry, had to.)

+ Watch Marina & The Diamonds' "Radioactive" video.