The 6 Best Photos From VH1's 'Do Something Awards'

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Sure, VH1's "Do Something Awards" are all about celebrating community involvement and giving back and all that fancy jazz. And the awards brought together all kinds of people from different walks of life in the spirit of doing good. But there were also some pretty hilarious photos from the night, and we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't share them with you.

Above, we see Justin Bieber and Will Ferrell engaged in some kind of conversation. Everything looks pretty normal until you notice that Justin Bieber is... ahem, grabbing his crotch. He's all, "Yo Will, I'mma let you finish, but can you tell me where the bathroom is?"

Check out some of our favorite photos from VH1's "Do Something Awards" below. And be sure you scroll to the bottom of the post. There's a special prize awaiting you (that may or may not be a photo of David Beckham in a suit). Enjoy!

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Credit: Getty Images

If you don't print out this photo of Adam Lambert giving someone the side-eye (e__e) on the red carpet and make your own magnet out of it, then I guess we're not on the same creative level. But guys, this side-eye. SO GOOD.

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This photo was taken either before or after Demi Lovato's brilliant performance of "Skyscraper," and the look on her face tells us that Demi knows she either just rocked it or was just about to. She's all, "Oh, you didn't know I could get down like that? N00bs." (P.S. HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we just go ahead and give her hair an Oscar? EGOT?)

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We're not totally sure about what's going on in this photo, but from the looks of it, Kim Kardashian is showing Tyra Banks something RANK on her phone. And we can't quite tell, but is that a Kim Kardashian iPhone cover on Kim Kardashian's iPhone?

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Loving this photo of JoJo so much. The dress is fierce, the shoes are da, and her face and stance say so much: "Remember when I was 12? Me neither." Also, the angel wings seem appropriate because JoJo may ACTUALLY be an angel.

Credit: Getty Images

In closing, here is a photo of David Beckham in a suit. We chose to highlight this photo because it's DAVID BECKHAM WEARING A SUIT.

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