Star Spotting: Akon Rocks A Segway. Kinda

Credit: Pacific Coast News

You know what's wrong with this picture? Akon isn't using his legs wearing a helmet! Doesn't the "Smack That" singer know that Segway accidents hurt five hundreds of Americans a year? Actually, come to think of it, are there even rules for these things? Do you have to use hand signals like bicyclists? Where do you park that bad boy when you're running in to Starbucks?  Things we need to know, people!

Akon must have mastered the art of robo-wheels at some point because he was caught Segway-ing (?) on Miami Beach decked out in a tight white V-neck, denim, and a fanny-pack belt LIKE A BOSS. While I've never understood the need for this motorized contraption, I have to admit that Akon rocks it. Here's this tough-guy rapper, possibly on his way to da club to hang with his homies, and while most might choose a borrrring Hummer limo, bro goes all green-friendly on us. Did you know Segways are as good for the environment as walking? Yah, neither did we. (Because who knows anything about Segways?!)

At any rate, dude gets his exercise somehow. His arms are straight growling through that T-shirt. Maybe he's on his way to the gym? On a Segway? #oxymoron