Lady Gaga Evokes The Beat Generation, Strips Off Her Bra In Her 2011 VMA Promo Videos!

Fresh off the Noritaka Tatehana heels of today's big news that Lady Gaga will be performing live at the 2011 MTV VMAs comes three brand-new Lady Gaga VMA promo videos.

Gaga's just-released "Yoü And I" video, which took us on a psychological roller coaster ride through the ups and downs of her relationships, showed her in a forest clearing playing a piano topped with her alter ego, Jo Calderone. And in her 2011 MTV VMA promo videos, we also see Lady Gaga behind the piano singing "Yoü And I." Except this time, Lady Gaga and her jazz quartet, set in black and white, rearrange "Yoü And I" into a Beat-era jazzy torch song, followed by Gaga seductively removing her bra, turning "Yoü And I into a coquettish, near-burlesque striptease, ending with Gaga posing in what almost feels like a reference to the classic 1988 L'Instant Taittinger Champagne ad.

In keeping with the poetic Beat theme, Gaga gets philosophical, revealing that art is "a big giant lie" that she hopes will someday become true. And we also see Lady Gaga discussing the changing variables and environments that influence and inspire her songwriting: drunk, sober, happy and sad. (A normal range of feelings, emotions as well as occasional dalliances with alcohol? Maybe Gaga is actually human after all!)

Watch Lady Gaga's 2011 VMA: First Look promo videos, and don't miss "MTV First: Lady Gaga," an exclusive live Q&A on Thursday, Aug. 18, at 7:49 p.m. ET. to watch Gaga discuss her "Yoü And I" video and upcoming VMA performance, as well as make a special VMA announcement.


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