Star Spotting: Hilary Duff Sports New Baby Glow

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Guys, can we just take a moment and realize this: Lizzie effing McGuire is pregnant. The bubbly blonde kid who used to make Saturday mornings worth getting up early for is having a kid. Remember the days when she was always soooo annoyed with her dweebie TV brother? Or when she was singing carefree songs about being young (our fave: "So Yesterday")? Now she's going to have to play mom parts in movies and sing about finding a babysitter. It's official: The Duffster's all grown up. (Tear.) But we're so happy for you, Hil!

Hilary Duff, who just announced she's pregnant, was recently spotted toting around a ginormous smile while looking super pretty. It's like she's wearing that mom-to-be glow like a perfect skin cream. Screw perfume, Hilary, start bottling "Pregnancy Glow." We'll take a case of it.

OK, for reals though, no more growing up, people. This is all too real. I'm going to go watch some "Lizzie" reruns, read some Goosebumps and eat a push-pop to get through all this change. Don't call me until there's an "Even Stevens" reunion.