You Are Now Officially Old Alert: Frankie Muniz Is An Adult, In A Band

So, you might already know that former "Malcolm In The Middle" star Frankie Muniz graduated from the small screen to go on to be a racecar driver. Yes, a professional one. (If you didn't know that, now you do.) In addition to that career leg, nowadays he's in a band. You Hang Up is a pop-rock foursome based out of Phoenix, and Frankie is on the drums. And you know who taught him the drums? Zac Hanson. Yes, of the band Hanson. IDK guys, life is weird sometimes.

In a new interview with Punk Videos Rock, a tattooed (!) Frankie sits down with his band members to discuss You Hang Up's upcoming album, Lies, as well as life on the road. And kids, we just need to warn you -- You Hang Up has named their tour bus. And they have named it something that wouldn't necessarily get bleeped on TV, but you don't want to go asking your mom about it. You're going to have to peep the video to hear what we're talking about.

Also in the interview, we find out that Frankie Muniz is losing his hair. I'm not even being mean, he says so himself. When he talks to the host about how being in a band is like a full-time job, Frankie replies, "Literally, I'm like, losing my hair," as he points to his head.

Hilary Duff (aka little Lizzie McGuire) is pregnant, and Frankie "Malcolm" Muniz is balding, guys. Excuse me while I schedule my next Botox appointment.

+ Watch You Hang Up's interview with Punk Videos Rock.

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