New Video: Jason Derulo, 'It Girl'

Even in the lyric video for Jason Derülo's "It Girl" where all we saw were still photos of him and his lady, we still got a taste of just how sweet this guy can be. So as you might imagine, the romance factor in Jason's full-length "It Girl" video is very, very high.

According to the song, while Jason's not holding you in his big-ass arms, he's constantly thinking of ways to flatter you. Shot in both color and black and white ('cause B&W is so romantical), Jason is seen doting on his babe, singing to her, gazing into her eyes and whisking her away to far-off locales where the only thing there is to wear is a bikini, conveniently enough. Jason has the "It Girl" in question practically melting in the palm of his hand as he compares her to... a trophy. Literally. "Check please/'Cause I finally found the girl of my dreams/Much more than a Grammy award/That's how much you mean to me."

As the video comes to a close, Derülo throws on a pimp suit, dances around outside and stands under a large maple tree while crooning about his No. 1 gal. Nature and s***, bros -- girls love that stuff.

+ Watch Jason Derülo's "It Girl."

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