Odd Future's Photo Book 'Golf Wang' Is Actually OK To Show To Your Mom... Kinda

Credit:Scott Gries/Picture Group

For those of you still trying to figure out who Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is exactly, allow the hip-hop collective themselves to get you up to speed. The group has released their own "coffee-table book" (I use that term loosely), perfect for the person on your gift list that enjoys photos of kids at punk/hip-hop shows with bloody noses in their coffee-table books.

The book, titled "Golf Wang," is 196 pages of Odd Future's own photography, design and writing. And when we say "own photography," we mean like, taken with disposable cameras and stuff. (Thank you, OFWGKTA, for trying to bring disposable cameras back! 1990s FTW.)

Despite all the wacky things we would expect to find in a picture book put together by a group who's frontman is Tyler, The Creator (naked clowns, random taxidermy, numerous photos of the "F" word), from the preview, the book seems fairly tame. Besides the bloody nose photo, Odd Future's "Golf Wang" gives readers an inside look into their last few years as a group and their sudden rise in fame, from their early start in skate parks to selling out shows nationwide.

Wait, does this mean Odd Future are authors now? Uhh, pretty much.

+ "Golf Wang" is available through its publisher Picture Box's website. The book retails for $29.95.

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