Lady Gaga's 'Yoü And I' Video Will Premiere Thurs., 8/18, On MTV Followed By An 'MTV First' Live Q&A With Gaga

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Attention, little monsters! We have T-minus THREE DAYS until the world premiere of Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I" video, headed our way this Thursday, Aug. 18, at 7:49 p.m. ET on MTV! Stay tuned after the video when Lady Gaga herself will be making a major announcement live during the MTV News special, "MTV First: Lady Gaga." Wait, there's more! Head over to after the show to catch a live Q&A with Lady Gaga and MTV News' Sway Calloway. OK... now take a breath.

Guysssss! I can't even stand it! We've been seeing Mother Monster's "tweet peeks" into her Laurieann Gibson-directed "Yoü And I" video for the past week, and it looks crazy epic. From what we've gathered, we know that the premise of the video is about Gaga trekking all the way from New York City to Nebraska (where she actually shot the video) on foot to find her love. The stills we've seen on her Twitter feed are all very vague and mysterious so that got us thinking about what is yet to come in the final product of the video.

So we took our best guesses. After the jump, we've posited five things we think might happen in Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I" video:

1.) Lady Gaga arrives in Nebraska and announces her candidacy for the 2012 presidential election as part of the Independent/Monster Party. Um, stranger things have happened. See: 2008.

2.) Lady Gaga buys NASA, launches a shuttle from Lincoln, Nebraska, holds first-ever space concert. No, not a space jam. A space concert. There is a difference.

3.) Lady Gaga enrolls in Creighton Law, goes through a "Legally Blonde" makeover. Lady Gaga: performance artist, fashion designer, the Midwest's leading district attorney. Bend and snap, y'all.

4.) Lady Gaga retires from music, becomes a pageant coach. There really isn't anyone else that can touch her in the costume category, amirite?

5.) Lady Gaga gets married, has kids, becomes a stay-at-home mom. Her most epic piece of performance art yet!

Tune into MTV this Thursday, Aug. 18, at 7:49 p.m. ET to catch the world premiere of Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I" video. Stay tuned right after for a special live announcement from Lady Gaga on MTV, and then head to for a live Q&A with MTV News' Sway Calloway.

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