New Video: Angels & Airwaves, 'Anxiety'

Credit: FilmMagic

With visuals ranging from a Civil War battle to celestial images of outer space, Angels & Airwaves go big (and a little WTF) on their new video for "Anxiety," the lead single from the band's upcoming fourth album, Love Part II.

After computer user "A.V.Lee.Miller.A" (Get it? AVA?) "initiates sequence chart" on a monitor, footage of a Civil War battle is interspersed with an astronaut on a mission in outer space. The song and video clips are taken from Love, a science fiction film produced and scored by the band and directed by William Eubank, detailing the story of an astronaut in the future who finds himself stranded in orbit with no human contact. Eventually, the astronaut finds the journal of a Civil War captain and history and future merge.

The video, directed by Eubank and Mark Eaton, was filmed in the Sky Church room of Seattle's Science Fiction Museum. The room houses the largest indoor video screen in the world and seems fitting given the grandiosity of the band's music and visual aesthetic. We're wondering if Kanye West knows about his room...

Love Part II arrives November 11.

+ Watch Angels & Airwaves' "Anxiety" video.

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