Happy Birthday, Joe Jonas!

Credit: Getty

Even though he's got like, eight gabillion Twitter friends and even more gabillion dollars in the bank, Joe Jonas is the essence of humility. I mean, instead of wearing pants made of 24-carat gold, Joe opts for some super chill cargos. Instead of moisturizing his face with Creme De La Mer, he prefers to get scruffy, alluding to the fact that he's busy working hard and not lying on 900-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets on all day.

But that's the thing, Joe. We think that on this, your 22nd birthday (one of the most boring ones, unfortch), you should do just that -- BALL THE EFF OUT. Why not go nuts? Have models hand-feed you organic grapes! See about getting that custom tailored blazer... in platinum! Throw in a new Maybach for good measure! Drink Cristal (responsibly) out of a customized bejeweled crunk goblet! Wear a mofo crown! Let people know that it's time to celebrate you. At least for the day.

Happy 22nd, Joe! Go shorty. It's yo birfday.