PHOTO: Jared Leto Poses With A Giant Cracker. That Is All

Credit: @jaredleto

If you guys follow Jared Leto on Twitter to get up-to-the-minute updates on any half-naked photos he might post of himself the riveting insight into his life as a rock star, you may have already seen his new Twitter photo -- Jared Leto, mouth agape, staring intently at and pointing to a giant wafer or what may be matzah. If you have not seen this photo, TA-DA! You're very welcome.

We're used to Jared's Twitter photos looking just a tad more emo-ish than this. Whether he's looking out the window of a plane with sunglasses on or looking out some other kind of vague, off-camera window, the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman is usually a master poser. So we have to say we're kind of digging this goofier side of Jared. Plus, IT'S A GIANT PIECE OF MATZOH. This is a win-win situation here, people. Also, can we get a golf clap going for what Jared named the new pic -- "EPICMATZAHWAFER.jpg"? All caps was a nice touch.

So, to recap: Jared Leto is a great musician, looks amazing shirtless, has a sense of humor and VIP access to giant-size party foods? Why we are not currently dating is beyond my comprehension, but at least I'll always have my cat: Purr-ty Seconds To Meows. #forevercatjokes