Star Spotting: Jason Derulo's Gun Show

Credit: Splash News

I'd like to start a petition that states guys with arms like Jason Derülo's are required to wear tank tops at all times. This fictional document would of course mean I wouldn't be included in the armless fashion manifesto, but that's OK. After seeing the "Don't Wanna Go Home" singer's buff-ass guns, one thing is obvs: Eff dogs, push-ups are a man's best friend.

Jason was spotted sporting a futuristic motorcycle rider getup -- fitted dark denim, a leather vest and a tight tank -- while walking his sick puppies around NYC yesterday. When we say "puppies," we are talking about the two pieces of muscle hanging from his torso (his arms, guys -- keep up). This photo actually reminds me of this one time I went to the zoo, and I tried this contraption that let you simulate flying and feel how much effort it actually takes a bird to get off the ground, and it was sooooo hard. Annnnd this post just got really weird.

Don't let the "sensitive R&B singer" facade fool you, Jason Derülo could kick some ass. BRB, writing that tank top petition.