Video Premiere: Chromeo, 'When The Night Falls'

New Wave/electro-funk duo Chromeo already has a powerful effect on its fans. But their video for "When The Night Falls" proves that if you get close enough to the duo, spontaneous pregnancy may occur. You've been warned, ladies.

After P-Thugg and Dave 1 impregnate numerous women with their music -- did we really just write that? -- the pair find themselves immersed in a neonatal version of "Night of the Living Dead." Running away from an army of club girls-turned-moms-to-be (including SOLANGE!, who appears on the track), the pair continue to get girls pregnant with their instruments, with P-Thugg using a woman's burgeoning belly to block pursuers... temporarily. He eventually gets "bitten" with kisses and transformed into his worst nightmare: a dad.

Like David Lynch's "Eraserhead," the video is actually a semi-serious, nightmarish look at the fears of impending fatherhood, though the guys don't take it too seriously. Did we mention they get girls pregnant by blasting them with sonic waves of their own music? And wouldn't that mean an earplug could function as the condom? Less questions, more watching.

"When the Night Falls" is the latest single from Business Casual, the group's third album, released last year.

+ Watch Chromeo's "When the Night Falls" video below.