The Buzz On: Motopony

Credit: Genevieve Pierson

Even though the video for Motopony's "King Of Diamonds" doesn't include a car or a highway, the song has a way of making you wish you were on some long, epic road trip. The soft beat and the soulful guitar have you wishing for your own personal flashback montage or like, a romantic cell phone commercial. What we're trying to say here is Washington-based foursome Motopony is really easy to like.

If you're wondering where the band got a name like Motopony, we'll tell you (because that's our job). In their own words, "Motopony is the embodiment of this notion -- a band built on a bedrock of contrasts... and seemingly conflicted sounds, and the feelings mapped over them." Pretty deep, guys. But it works -- Motopony's sound is pretty deep, too. Lead vocalist Daniel Blue has a sweet voice, but within seconds on "King Of Diamonds," you can tell that there's a little torture hidden behind his pretty vibrato.

And if you've had any skinny vanilla soy lattes recently, it's possible you might have already heard of Motopony. Starbucks loved the band so much that it featured them as a free download last month. Motopony has also been tweet-supported by "Vampire Diaries"' Matt Davies. Free tunes + a celebrity twitter endorsement + my daily caffeine high = THE BEST BAND EVER.

+ Watch Motopony's "King Of Diamonds" video.