Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Looking The Most Normal We've Ever Seen Her (?!)

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving a recording studio in Los Angeles yesterday, but doesn't it kind of look like she could have been leaving a recording studio in Boca Raton, Florida? I'm sure this black frock with printed yellow and purple flowers is like, made by some famous designer and costs thousands of dollars or something, but -- and I mean this in the best way possible -- I think my grandma has the same one.

Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure "retirement chic" is a new fashion genre for Gaga, and we're excited to see where this trend might take her (track suits?). But let's also talk about how "normal" the "Edge Of Glory" singer looks here. I mean, seriously, I would probably pass this lady on the street and think, "That woman's shoes were amazing," not, "OMG slkdjf;klajl!! That was Lady Gaga!!!!!!" So keep your eyes peeled, folks. Lady Gaga could be showing up sans fishnets and stilettos at an early bird special near you.

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