Video Premiere: Kid Cudi, 'No One Believes Me'

Kid Cudi may have taken a musical detour by appearing in HBO's "How to Make It in America," but the rapper/singer returns to his first passion with the video premiere of "No One Believes Me" below.

We're not sure if it's the creepy, paranoiac nature of the track or that the video's director, Craig Gillespie, also helmed the upcoming remake of "Fright Night," but "No One Believes Me" is a dark, nightmarish horror film disguised as a music video.

As the camera swoops in on your typical suburban community, we find Cudi, alone and bemused, walking through the streets and seeing the aftereffects of unseen vampires. A little girl exits her house with a bloody nightgown. A woman relaxes next to her freshly bitten victim and licks blood from her lips. Residents sleep, unaware that the newly fanged Cudi is sitting on their bed debating their fate.

We won't give away the end, but Gillespie and Cudi have created a "Let the Right One In"-fashioned auteur horror film mirroring the slow-burning build of the track. Like much of his work, "No One Believes Me" portays Cudi as the consummate conflicted artist, unsure of his own direction but consistently singular.

+Watch Kid Cudi's "No One Believes Me" video below.