Watch The Premiere Episode of MTV Hive's Indie Music Web Show, 'Weird Vibes'

Thankfully "Weird Vibes" will no longer only refer to how I feel when I see photos of Justin Bieber shirtless -- it's now also the title of MTV Hive's new 30-minute online indie music series. Produced and edited by Shirley Braha, a staple in the New York City music scene who did the long-running and critically acclaimed NYC TV show "New York Noise," "Weird Vibes" will take a similar behind-the-scenes-with-your-favorite-band route as "Noise." Also to note: "Weird Vibes" has the best "Saved By The Bell"-like opening we've seen in a minute.

The first episode, available in full over at MTV Hive, features members of the bands Best Coast, Au Revoir Simone, Small Black and more discussing the downsides of band life. It also features music videos from Vivian Girls and Teams, to name a few.

+ Watch Episode 1 of "Weird Vibes" on MTV Hive.