10 Things To Know Now: Rihanna Joins The Navy, A 'Dirty Dancing' Face-lift + Matt Damon For President (?)

Credit: Getty Images

1.) Jason Derülo spills the beans on the September release of his sophomore album, Future History. Auto-Tune fans everywhere can rejoice in a recently released video teaser. (That Grape Juice)

2.) Pop princess Rihanna joined the Navy! Well, sorta. In preparation for her acting debut in the board game-turned-movie "Battleship," RiRi has been training with actual sailor drill sergeants to "get more into character." Ahoy, Oscar nomination? (Pop Dust)

3.) "Saved By the Bell" fans can sleep better knowing Zack and Kelly are still total besties. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen recently paired up with HIV/AIDS organization LifeRide to raise $100,000 for research. The biggest question of the day: Where was Lisa Turtle?! (Just Jared)

4.) Kitty likes to scratch! Anne Hathaway defends her upcoming Catwoman roll and costume, which some described as "lackluster," and promises fans she will blow their minds on screen. (SFGate)

5.) Forbes magazine just announced that the "King of Bling," aka Jay-Z, is the biggest moneymaker in hip-hop. With Beyoncé's birthday coming up, I'm pretty sure she can expect something verrrry expensive from her man. (theybf)

6.) First "Footloose," now "Dirty Dancing"? I guess it's OK since Jennifer Grey digs the remake idea for the classic '80s flick. No news on who's going to be in it, but our fingers are crossed that it's Hilary Duff. We miss that girl! (Hollywood Crush)

7.) Would you vote Matt Damon to be the president of United States? Documentary director Michael Moore would and with good reason. We're no experts, but we think if Matt ran the election (cough, cough, shirtless), he'd totes win. (Oh No They Didn't)

8.) Shia LaBeouf either has really dark sunglasses or totally cold-shouldered Joe Jonas on the street the other day. It happens! Sometimes I ignore celebs on the street, too. (Us Magazine)

9.) The Jonas Brothers will reunite (STOP SCREAMING! We're not finished!)... someday. While swamped with individual projects, the trio promises there will be a future for the Bros' fans. (Hollywood Life)

10.) Chris Brown's "F.A.M.E" tour dates have been announced, and the first month's opening act is going to be Kelly Rowland. The chart-topper is hitting major cities across the U.S starting this fall. (MTV News)