New Song: Cobra Starship, 'Fool Like Me'

Credit: PictureGroup

Cobra Starship is so swag that putting out a regular lyric video is like, not even enough. They have to put one out that's actually shot like real music video and have the words to their new song "Fool Like Me" appear in really cool shades of neon and stuff. Guess Times New Roman just wasn't gonna cut it.

"Fool Like Me" is a cheeky, more laid-back jam for Cobra Starship. Slated to appear on their forthcoming album Night Shades, which drops Aug. 30, frontman Gabe Saporta sings about wanting a chick whose parents just wont have it: "Your daddy always said you should stay away from a fool like me, a fool like me/And when your mama sees me calling on your telephone, she hangs up on me, the b**** hangs up on me.” Yo, parents -- if you hadn't noticed, Gabe has a pretty stable job. And he's famous. Your kid could do a lot worse.

As the lyric video goes on, we see the neon words appear on everything from a concrete floor to a brick building to a rooftop, and finally on a vintage flowery couch. Kinda weird, but also effective -- I can practically recite the entire song by heart now.

+ Watch Cobra Starship's "Fool Like Me" lyric video.