Greyson Chance Interview: Greyson's VMA Picks, Cougar Fans & His First Car

Greyson Chance out-"Paparazzi"-ed Lady Gaga last year when the YouTube video of him performing the Gaga hit went viral. Tens of millions of views and one brand-new record deal later, Greyson's now releasing his own album, Hold On 'Til The Night, and he's currently out on the road to promote it. Oh, and he's only 13. IDK what to tell ya, everyone else -- get better at stuff.

Greyson stopped by Buzzworthy HQ to answer a couple questions, and also sit in front of a yellow backdrop and look totally adorbz. When asked about his fan base and the kinds of people who show up to his shows, it turns out young Greyson is kind of a cougar magnet. But he's not complaining. It sounds like the younger ones are a little more zealous about their fandom, though: "They sometimes knock on the door [of the bus] like, 'Hey, it's your manager. Answer! Answer!' and I'm like, 'I know it's not you, but I'll come out anyway." Brave soul!

Greyson also gave us his picks for the 2011 MTV VMAs: "[Katy Perry's] 'Last Friday Night''s a good one. I really want 'Judas' and 'Born This Way' to win for Gaga 'cause she's close to my heart." Nepotism? Nah.


When it comes to getting behind the wheel, even though he still has three years before he gets his license, he already has his first car all planned out. "I want the most beat-up, nasty, hardly-can-run car because I can tell you within two weeks, it's gonna be wrecked." Oh noes! Slow and steady wins the race! Do not make me take away your phone privileges again, young man!

+ Watch Greyson Chance discuss fans, inspiration, and his picks for the 2011 MTV VMAs in Buzzworthy's exclusive interview below.