9 EPIC Kanye West/Jay-Z 'Watch The Throne' Tweets

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Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne -- the collaborative album from two men who pretty much own rap (plus anything else they feel like owning), as well as an album that's easily the year's most hotly anticipated musical work -- is finally out. And nearly seconds after (if not a few minutes before) Watch The Throne was released on iTunes, where it promptly went to No. 1 in 23 counties, Twitter fans poured their feelings into 140 characters. While critics have given Watch The Throne positive to stellar reviews, Jay-Z and Kanye fans took to Twitter to express their rabid, borderline religious zeal elicited from the throne.

We've compiled a list of nine of the most epic Watch The Throne tweets, from a comparison to the Sistine Chapel (yes, someone went there) to multiple admonishments of "not understanding" the quality of the album. (We don't understand nor agree with that, friend!)

Take a look through some of our favorite Watch The Throne Twitter reactions below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @MTVBuzzworthy:

Two classic albums out in one year, Yeezy? We can't touch you.

Maybe these people who don't understand the album don't speak English?

It sounds like this Twitter user went to the Kanye West and Jay-Z Finishing School Of Hyperbolic Simile.

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A "must listen and a re-listen and a re-listen," people.

Kanye West -- rapper, fashion expert, and basically Moses.

We will still probably be listening to Watch The Throne in 10 years if they haven't invented like, virtual music brain phones by then.

Physical goosebumps from music. #epic

Actually, we think most of the people you're tweeting to do actually understand the PURE GENIUS.

Nine exclamation points and they haven't even heard the album yet!!!!!!!!!

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