WATCH: Katy Perry And Rebecca Black Duet On 'Friday'! On A Friday!

Credit: Picture Group/Getty

For a while there, I refused to believe that nine-time 2011 MTV VMA nominee Katy Perry and Rebecca Black were real friends. That is until the "Friday" singer made one helluva cameo in Katy's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" video. (Read: starred in the entire thing.)

The new bestie-fest continued when Katy asked Rebecca to join her on stage at the Nokia Theater in L.A. this past Friday. That is not a pun -- we literally mean that the duet occurred this past Friday. Katy Perry and Rebecca Black sang "Friday" together IRL, which was seriously almost too much to handle. After they finished singing, Katy grabbed the mic declaring, "That was our moment. We love you, Rebecca." Our moment? As in Rebecca Black's latest single "My Moment"? Um, I think Katy Perry might be Rebecca Black's biggest fan, guys.

Even though we didn't think this friendship would turn into an actually collabo, I guess we were wrong. (It happens from time to time, but not very often.) But props to Katy for trying to help Rebecca Black turn millions of YouTube hits into a long-lasting career. Seems like a good friend move to us.

+ Watch Katy Perry and Rebecca Black sing "Friday."

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