New Internet Trend (Again!): Horsemaning

Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai (body) and Nicole James (head) attempt their best horseman.

It's official: I'm starting a bucket list of weird photos to accomplish before I die and carrying it in my wallet. I'm so behind! First there's planking, then owling, then cone-ing and now horsemaning? The internet is so weird (and beautiful).

What sounds like a really bad day for an equine, "Horsemaning" is yet another new photo fad. Also known as "fake beheading," one person sprawls their body and hides their head while someone else shows only their head, sometimes held in the other person's hand -- à la the headless horseman in "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow." Apparently, it was hilarious in the 1920s (see below -- humor was totes different back then), and now it's making its comeback. Three snaps in a "Z" formation for Buzzworthy's very own Tamar and Nicole, pictured above, and their LOL-worthy horseman pic.

We haven't seen any celebs doing this just yet, but I'm placing bets on who will be the first to attempt this unique form of artistic expression. While Justin Bieber is the photo-adventurous type, I'm putting money on Ke$ha, with Beyoncé playing the body. The "Blow" singer loves crazy costumes while Bey's bod can make any photo stunning. Even a headless one.

Credit: BuzzFeed

+ See more photos of MTV's Buzzworthy staff horsemaning (and just being general weirdos) after the jump!

Credit all photos: MTV/Michele Crowe

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