Watch The Extended Version Of MTV's 'Supervideo,' Featuring Best Coast's 'Our Deal'

If you were at all moved by the tragic story line that defined the full-length version of the Drew Barrymore-directed MTV "Supervideo" featuring Best Coast's "Our Deal," then the extended version might set you over the edge. And if you weren't moved by the tragic story line, then you have no soul IMHO.

Featuring Miranda Cosgrove, Chloë Moretz, Donald Glover, Shailene Woodley, Alia Shawkat and "Teen Wolf"'s Tyler Posey, the extended version goes even deeper into the world of the Night Creepers and the Day Trotters, two opposing and constantly feuding gangs. Moretz plays Veronica, a member of the Night Creepers, who falls deeply in love with a member of the Day Trotters named Lucky, played by Posey. While romantic scenes in the full-length version shows viewers just how deeply connected Veronica and Lucky are, the extended version shows a more real side to their love, delving in to the details of the young couple's everyday routine. We see the duo reading a book (Might that be homework? They're like what, 16?), dancing, laughing and comparing tattoos. The couple that tats together, stays together, right? Think again.

Even though I was kinda hoping that the extended version might have, say, an alternate ending sparing me from the depths of depression I spiraled into after I saw the full-length "Supervideo," tragedy strikes once again. You'll have to watch for yourself to know what I mean. Drew Barrymore, you definitely know how to tug at our heart strings. We sort of hate you/love you for that.

+ Watch the extended version MTV's "Supervideo" featuring Best Coast's "Our Deal" below, and check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the set!