Star Spotting: Ke$ha Goes Green

Credit: Pacific Coast News

I'd like to think Ke$ha's previous career was a sales associate at an arts and crafts store. Maybe before she added the dollar sign to her title, her craft store name tag (with a normal "S") was greeted with smiling yarn enthusiasts and paint-by-number lovers. I say this because she's obvs a creative type and only a true artist could accessorize the outfit she wore at her Miami concert this past weekend.

It's really not fair how the "We R Who We R" singer is the only woman we know who can peruse the glitter, sequin, and puffy paint aisles at art stores, glue her purchases to her body and actually make them work. Now she's officially taken the whole "D.I.Y." thing to a new level -- or a new craft store aisle -- because she's moved on to glow paint. That green highlight along her face, hair and outfit isn't just some crazy light magic. That's some real paintbrush application!

Maybe she got a little inspiration from a glow stick necklace she picked up at a roller rink birthday party or something. (It's Ke$ha -- it wouldn't be that weird.) Whatever the motivation, I'm inviting Ke$ha to dress me for my next blacklight party. So what, I still have blacklight parties. Leave me alone!

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