The 4 Most Awesome Photos From The Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards 2011 took place in Los Angeles last night, and a bunch of our favorite teenagers (and some non-teenagers) took home a bunch of surfboards. It's really cool to see young people honoring their favorite celebs and role models, but it's also really cool to see the ridiculous photos from the night.

For example, the hilaious photo of Justin Bieber with Tyra Banks, pictured above. Biebs is kinda like, "OMG my hand is on Tyra Banks' hip, is this okay, what do I do, OMG OMG," and Tyra's all, "SMIZE, TYRA. SMIZE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SMIZED BEFORE." In other words, this is basically a photo of my soul.

Take a look through some of our other favorite photos from the Teen Choice Awards 2011 below!

What on Earth could be so excited to talk to Taylor Swift about? Why does Taylor Swift look so concerned? It's gotta be the national debt crisis, right? Or maybe the fact that they found flowing water on Mars, indicating there could be life outside of our planet? JK, totes has to be Bieber's bow tie.

The look on Fergie's face in this photo is priceless. We're sure Black Eyed Peas' leading lady has been asked to sign some wacky stuff over the years, but a weird, flower printed mini-skateboard might take the cake. You can see it in her eyes: "WTF is this."

Credit all photos: Wire Image

And of course, what would a photo wrap-up of the Teen Choice Awards be without a pic of the reigning teen queen and king, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? Seated next to each other in the audience, Justin goes in for the kiss and Selena's not quite ready for it. Get a room, guys!