MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Kids Of 88

Credit: Jaden Parkes

New Zealand New Wave duo and MTV PUSH Artist of the Week Kids Of 88 have a lot to be thankful for. "My House," the band's self-released first single, became a hit in their home country, while their 2010 debut album Sugarpills earned them scads of good press and a trip to South By Southwest, one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Having toured both as support for Ke$ha and headliners in their own right, the kiwi duo, named after the year of both members' birth, are set to take over stateside.

You probably already heard the group's "Just a Little Bit" in MTV's reincarnation of "Teen Wolf." While the show hasn't hit New Zealand yet, the first video we have shows the guys' fondness for the original 1985 film. After that, check out why Kids Of 88 named the album Sugarpill, and go behind the scenes on their visit to South By Southwest. "We're freaking out, but we're suppressing it just so we have an aura of confidence," admits singer Sam McCarthy. "When you come to watch us play, you get down and dirty and have a good time."

Finally, the guys spoke with "120 Minutes" host Matt Pinfield about each member's home studio, and if you need reminding, we've got the video for the trippy lead single, "Sugarpills." Consider yourself up to speed.

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