New Song: Busta Rhymes And DMX, 'Otis (Freestyle)'

Credit: Getty Images

There are mad tributes happening here, guys. First Kanye West and Jay-Z paid tribute to famed soul legend Otis Redding with "Otis," the new single off their forthcoming collaboration album, Watch The Throne. Then rappers DMX and Busta Rhymes decided to pay homage to Kanye and Jay's tribute to Redding by crafting their own version of "Otis," "Otis (Freestyle)," which showcases DMX and Busta rhyming over the original "Otis" track. Still with me? Good. Let's continue.

Above all else, Otis Redding was known for his smooth, soulful voice. And while some of that sultriness was diluted in Kanye and Jay-Z's "Otis," I'd say any hint of tenderness just about vanishes completely in "Otis (Freestyle)." Practically storming the track with aggressive rhymes, it's hard to even make out what DMX and Busta are saying. But judging by their severely hostile tone, they're definitely pissed about something. Maybe their anger has to do with the fact that "Otis (Freestyle)" is DMX's first track back since being released from jail? Because they definitely can't be mad at Otis Redding -- who gets mad at Otis Redding?!

Our professional recommendation: Use this track to help you get pissed enough to steal back the perfectly worn-in Britney Spears T-shirt you left at your ex-boyfriend's house.

+ Listen to Busta Rhymes and DMX, "Otis (Freestyle)."