Favorite Summer Songs & Cats Grilling Out (!!!): Watch Episode 2 Of MTV's Pop Music Show, 'Bigger Than The Buzz'!

Last week on the premiere episode of "Bigger Than The Buzz," -- featuring the lovely and talented Tamar Anitai of this here lil' blog (@MTVBuzzworthy) and MTV News' James Montgomery (@postivnegativ) -- many a heated topic was discussed: What would be the most epic pop collabo of all time (Lady Gaga/Britney Spears?), the wild and krazy Kreayshawn, and OF COURSE, owling and why it must end.

This week, the duo brings you even more pop musings to... muse about. First, when it comes to what they're listening to, Tamar proudly admits that she's had Emily's Army (featuring Billie Joe Armstrong's 16-year-old son Joey) on repeat this summer, while James is all up in Foster The People's grill. In addition to summer tunes, T & J discuss MTV's Dirty Thirty (we just turned 30, send flowers) as they view some "exclusive archival footage." And finally, what would a pop music web show be without a little of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "PON PON PON"? Trust me, brosephs -- you're gonna wanna watch this acid trip WTF is this I don't even unique display of creativity in moving picture form.

Oh, and P.S., there's a cat manning a grill!!!! Too much, y'all. I can't.

+ Watch Episode 2 of MTV's new pop music web show "Bigger Than The Buzz" below, as well as last week's premiere episode!