New Song: Sabi, 'Wild Heart'

Credit: Getty

Like any newbie to the music workforce, L.A.-based Sabi's been building her résumé. First she dropped vocals on Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel," then she rapped on Britney Spears' upcoming single "(Drop Dead) Beautiful." All that interning got the singer the ultimate dream job (besides opening for Britney): dropping a single of her own, "Wild Heart."

With her heavy pop background, you'd expect a cushy dance song from Sabi. Not even close -- instead, think dark and sensual. Produced by Dream Machine (Cee Lo Green, Kelly Clarkson), "Wild Heart" starts with a dripping synthesized chord that slowly unifies to slow-mo dubstep. Sabi's voice is raw, slow and hypnotic as she recites lyrics that make it sound like she got dumped, threw a drink in the dude's face, then went home to write about it: "I tried to hold back/And accept the fact we ain't perfect/ But what we got going on, might leave us broken bruises." Girl is P.O.-ed, and she's not letting that bro forget it.

If this is the direction Sabi's first album is heading, more, please! It makes us want to go on a bad date, then speed home and listen to "Wild Heart" while we mean-tweet about that jerk. JK, mean-tweeting is totally OK in that situation never OK.

+ Listen to Sabi's "Wild Heart," and watch Sabi's exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from Britney Spears' "Femme Fatale" tour below!