New Video: Nicole Scherzinger, 'Wet'

Credit: Getty

I don't think I'm the only one that appreciates when a music video personifies the essence of a song title. Enter Nicole Scherzinger's new club pop jam "Wet," and its very aqueous music video.

As you may have expected, Nicole is wet for about 50 percent of the video, and we're guessing guys across the country aren't going to be writing complaint letters anytime soon. That's probably all you really need to know about the video, but we'll elaborate anyway: There's a really pretty pool full of wet water, there's a faulty indoor wet waterfall and Nicole's pals try to cool off with some wet hoses straight from the fire department (?). Scherzinger also drives home the whole "drenched" theme with the songs' lyrics: "Well Imma take my clothes off/Take a leap and surf through the crowd/Dripping down my neck/Soaking wet, sink or swim or you drown/Let's get a little wet."

Also not to miss, the "Right There" singer writhing around on the floor in somewhat compromising positions. Actually, wait -- I'm sure we're mistaking writhing for what must be an old Navajo rain dance used to call upon the gods to end a drought. Nicole's merely adding some history and culture to her video! Yep, that's it.

+ Watch Nicole Scherzinger's "Wet" video.