New Song: Chris Brown Featuring Kevin McCall, 'Strip'

Credit: Getty Images

While Chris Brown continues his side hustle as a rapper, the recently released "Strip" with frequent collaborator Kevin McCall proves he's not abandoning his R&B leanings anytime soon.

Produced by Tha Bizness, the synth-anchored track comes from Brown's upcoming mixtape "Boy In Detention" and no, it's not a metaphor for Las Vegas or automotive maintenance. Here, Brown croons to a stripper (obvs) singing, "Nice thighs/Nice waist/And you know I can't forget about your face/But don't none of that matter/I'm about to make your pockets fatter/Girl, I just wanna see you strip."

But Brown is not all lecher, telling his new stripper friend not to worry about her hair as long as she ends up at his place. It's nice to find a guy who cares! McCall, for his part, is the faithful wingman, rapping "Dance, shout you can take it off/Panties, bra you can take it off."

We're still waiting for McCall to drop his proper debut album, which we're sincerely hoping and praying is titled McCall Me featuring the rapper glaring seductively at his phone. (Please?!) In the meantime, "Boy In Detention" is set for release Aug. 5.

+ Listen to Chris Brown's "Strip" featuring Kevin McCall.