WATCH: Justin Bieber Goes (Ice Cream) Cone-ing

Credit: Getty Images

Planking, owling, swashbuckling (?) -- these internet trends are so hard to keep up with. Here's another one to add to your lexicon: cone-ing. According to Urban Dictionary (my preferred reference website), cone-ing is defined as "the art of grabbing a McDonald's ice cream cone from the ice cream end just to weird out the McDonald's worker." Sounds funny. Enter Justin Bieber.

You may already be familiar with cone-ing thanks to Australian comedian Akli Stevens, whose YouTube video of him cone-ing around to various fast food restaurants has more than 4 million hits. But now with a little star power behind the movement, we're sure this ridiculous trend is about to take off à la planking and owling. Sorry in advance to all the drive-through workers out there.

In Justin's cone-ing video that he tweeted this weekend, we see Biebs in the driver's seat pulling up to a fast food joint. The woman working the window hands him his ice cream cone and Justin nonchalantly goes for the scoop. You can hear the woman in the background screeching "Eeeeee!" as Justin drives away because homeboy just grabbed an ice cream cone by the ice cream! This ish is just getting messy now, come on!

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