Guilty Pleasure Alert: Mohombi's 'In Your Bed' INGENIOUSLY Samples The Cranberries' 'Zombie'

Credit: Getty Images/Jason Campbell

So, say you're a Swedish-Congolese dance singer named Mohombi. You're watching TV one night and stumble upon The Cranberries' '90s classic "Zombie." You receive, as if from a divine force bigger than yourself, a lyrical epiphany: "Mohombi." "Zombie." It's close enough! The hook comes in: "What's in your heaaaaaad? In your heaheaaaaaad?" And that's when it hits you -- you can transform the Irish protest song into a dance track about surprising women in bed after you've brought them home. A classic is born!

This is Mohombi's "In Your Bed," and it will change your life. Yes, the verses are standard club track filler, and the beat is no better or worse than anything else on a compilation with the word "Ibiza" emblazoned in some garish font. But the hook is why we're here. We're picturing Mohombi the morning after a particularly hard club night, turning to whoever he brought home the night before, and waking her up with, "Who's in your beeeeeeeeed? In your beeeeeeeeed? Mohombi! Mohombi!" Only for sociopaths and dance music vocalists is this appropriate behavior.

+ Listen to Mohombi's "In Your Bed."