New Song: New Found Glory, 'Radiosurgery'

Credit: Ben Ritter

New Found Glory's already released six studio albums, and here comes another. We know seven is a lucky number and all, but aren't these dudes tired? Guess we'll find out because today they released "Radiosurgery," the first single off of NFG's seventh studio album. After a quick listen, it sounds like New Found Glory's still got it. In fact, they don't sound a day over three albums old!

"Radiosurgery" is a perfect pop-rock song that documents that classic breakup dilemma that I like to call "I can't effing stop thinking about your stupid face and it's making me really angry." Of course the band puts it more eloquently: "My head is like a traffic jam/I can't stop crashing into bad..../I find it hard to breathe, yeah to breathe/I can't get your face outta my head/It makes my brain hurt/I need radiosurgery."

If New Found Glory's vivid lyrics weren't enough to drive home the true meaning of "Radiosurgery," the boys took to their website to elaborate. "There are certain things in life that are extremely hard to get over. No matter how hard or long you go trying to forget, it's always there somewhere in your mind. Some things can be so heavy that they torment and enter every thought, making you feel semi-insane. If our thoughts were like tumors we could have them removed. Using RADIOSURGERY."

Thanks, New Found Glory -- a new song and a new word for us to incorporate into our next sentence. Here's mine: "I wish I could use RADIOSURGERY to make myself forget about the double cheeseburger with fries I ate for dinner last night." Your turn.

+ Watch New Found Glory's "Radiosurgery" video!