Taylor Swift Covers Eminem's 'Lose Yourself.' No, Seriously

Credit: Getty Images

We've known for a minute now that Taylor Swift might be a little bit of a goody two-shoes. She's got that country charm thing down pat, and her angelic blonde hair screams "professional good girl." But it turns out the "Back to December" singer's got a gansta side. Well, if you can still be gangsta in a girly dress.

Swift has been on her "Speak Now" tour all summer, and she's paid homage to a variety of big name musicians while out on the road, including Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber and Alanis Morissette. But this week while in Detroit, Taylor saluted one of D-Town's biggest successes when she covered Eminem's "Lose Yourself." You read that right -- Taylor Swift covered Eminem.

A fan caught Taylor breaking out into Eminem's "8 Mile" hit on video and uploaded it to the internet, because duh. Swift playfully strums chords while perfectly mimicking the infamous Oscar-winning beat, and the audience loses it when she starts reciting the "Lose Yourself" lyrics verbatim. And seriously, homegirl can flow! IRL collabo, please?

Whatever Taylor Swift touches turns to gold, so we're not going to lie: If she ends up dropping a hip-hop album in the near future, we wouldn't be surprised one bit. Actually, JK. We don't think that's anywhere in the works.

+ Watch Taylor Swift cover Eminem's "Lose Yourself."