New Video: Swizz Beatz Featuring Alicia Keys, 'International Party'

Credit: Getty Images

When Swizz Beatz titled his song "International Party," it was a stroke of Machiavellian genius. The latest track from the hip-hop producer, with an assist from wife Alicia Keys, ensures every club from Bolivia to Israel will bump this under the auspices that it's "about them." In the accompanying video, the producer allegedly wrangled seven figures from Reebok, where he serves as the company's creative director, though we're still figuring out where all that money went.

Directed by Chris Robinson, who helmed Keys' "Fallin'" and "You Don't Know My Name" videos among many others, "International Party" is the result of Reebok's ubiquitous "Reethym of Life" campaign, which premiered a snippet of "Party" late last month.

The grinding, electro-hop track starts innocently enough, interspersing a vibrant breakdancing circle with Keys gunning a sports car toward the party. But, as usually happens when people from numerous countries get together, partying quickly turns to primal bloodlust, as the crowd gathers to see Swizz drive head-on, for some reason, into a b-boy enclosed in a glass cube. While the marketing executives at Lotus Cars presumably wonder why their product is being used for senseless murder (?), b-boy moves, as usual, save the day.

+ Watch Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys in "International Party."