MTV PUSH Artist of the Week: Wallpaper.

If you want to find Wallpaper.'s Eric Frederic, who produces and remixes as hedonistic performer Ricky Reed, start at the club. The Bay Area musician has been making dance floor-friendly electro tracks since 2005, yet it was Reed's 2009's debut album Doodoo Face, with traces of everyone from Daft Punk to Funkadelic that earned the artist serious shine. The MTV PUSH Artist of the Week and "Jersey Shore" musical contributor recently dropped the #STUPiDFACEDD EP, igniting a Twitter movement and instant catch phrase.

We've got some videos to get you familiar with the movement. First, the perpetually sunglasses-clad artist discusses his connection to "Jersey Shore," noting, "When we were contacted to have music in the show, I thought that it made a lot of sense. Although a lot of people may write off that show as silly, there's something very genuine and...very loving and sentimental about those people and their friendship that I think more people relate to than they want to admit."

After a live acoustic performance of "#STUPiDFACEDD," watch Wallpaper. give his hypothetical acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards and learn how Lady Gaga stole his swagger. Finally, the musician gives a quick tutorial on what exactly #STUPiDFACEDD is and, given a list ranging from #mileycyrus to #beingvegan, breaks down what gets included in the movement and whose face is, sadly, not stupid. The more you know.

+ Watch Wallpaper.'s performances and interviews after the jump, and pick up the album on iTunes.

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