4 Things You Should Bring To An Odd Future Show

Credit:Scott Gries/PictureGroup

With their recent announcement of a fall American tour, we got to thinking about the kind of shenanigans that will be FO SHO going down at Odd Future shows across the country. We're not sure if you guys are as familiar with their live show craziness as we are, but take a look back at their 2011 MTV Woodies performance to get a general idea. Or like, Tyler, The Creator's Twitter feed.

Because we here at Buzzworthy care about you (and your health), we thought it would be a good idea to warn you let you in on what kinds of things you might want to have on hand when you're in the crowd at an OFWGKTA show near you. Hide yo kids, guys.

1. Armor -- Chainmail, Medieval shields, a dog attack suit. Whatever style of protection you might enjoy, get into it. Things get straight up ROW-DY at Odd Future shows. We're not saying you're going to end up at the bottom of a mosh pit gulping for air or anything, but you might end up at the bottom of a posh pit gulping for air.

2. Your ID -- Odd Future is going to ramp you the eff up, what with all of their four-letter words and tomfoolery that those crazy kids are into. We obvs don't condone any kind of illegal behavior, but if you find yourself being dragged behind a car on skis while wearing a cape and a Burger King crown, have your ID on you so the cops know where to drop you off.

3. A camera -- I'm sure the rules are going to vary venue to venue and they might not be allowed (don't blame us!), but some of the ish you're gonna see at an Odd Future show is probably going to vary slightly from some of the stuff you might see at say, the grocery store. Plushies and furries, rainbow trance metal detectors, beef jerky jump ropes... Get it on tape! Show your friends! Become an internet sensation! #americandream2011

4. Your grandma -- JK!!!! It could give her a heart attack probs!!!! But honestly, could you even imagine? Coolest. Grandma. Ever.