LISTEN: Preview 5 New Cher Lloyd Song Snippets

Credit: Getty Images

While "X Factor" contestant Cher Lloyd's dream of stardom may have come true, it doesn't mean it didn't come with its fair share of drama. Last month, we told you all about the controversy surrounding Cher's supposed new single, "Swagger Jagger." But yesterday, in honor of her 18th birthday, Cher proudly released snippets of five new songs from her forthcoming album.

"Grow Up," the urban-tinged pop jam featuring Busta Rhymes, allows Cher to work out her rap chops. While she showed hints of rhyming prowess on "The X Factor" and some on "Swagger Jagger," on "Grow Up," Cher becomes a full-blown member of the rap game.

"Over The Moon," produced by Lady Gaga's main man RedOne, has been described by Cher herself as sounding a bit like a Christmas tune (we agree). The cheeky, high-energy song is a departure from the grittier Cher we've come to love, but we think that is a good thing. She's only 18 after all! Let the girl some fun, will ya?

"With Ur Love" features Mike Posner and was written by the brainchild behind almost all of our favorite Britney Spears hits, Max Martin. We were surprised to find that "With Ur Love" is a ballad, but then again, Simon Cowell is spearheading this album, and we all know how much he loves a good power ballad.

While we're still gonna have to wait a bit longer for the full release, these five Cher snippets give us a hefty taste of what's to come. And aside from Cher's new sound being blazing hot, so far, there haven't been any accusations of copyright infringement. SCORE.

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