New Song: Mayday Parade, 'Oh Well, Oh Well'

Credit: Fearless Records

To say that Mayday Parade is your run-of-the-mill pop/punk band is basically like saying Britney Spears is like Christina Aguilera. Or Ke$ha is like Katy Perry. I mean, there are mad differences between those artists, guys, and the same goes for Mayday Parade. Unlike other pop punk groups, Mayday Parade takes a more holistic approach to songwriting, an approach clearly at the foreground of their new group-penned single, "Oh Well, Oh Well."

The song starts off slow, filled with mournful violins. Lead vocalist Derek is practically a cappella as he sings in that perfectly emo pop-punk way, "When you're alone do you think of me?/And my diamond rings thrown out to sea/And when you love do you love for me?/Like harmony, a never ending dream." Dude is obvs in touch with his softer side.

Then, as any good rock song does, the guitars kick in, the drums get heavier and the song becomes well, loud. Over gritty electric guitars and layers of vocal harmony, Derek sings the hook, "Oh Well, Oh Well/I still hope for the best/Say goodbye and send me off with a kiss."

Guess all we can say about the fact that Mayday diehards will have to wait until Oct. 4 to pick up their new self-titled album is... oh well! (OK seriously, how good are we at song title jokes?!)

+ Listen to Mayday Parade's "Oh Well, Oh Well."