New Song: Neon Indian, 'Fallout'

Even if their music was terrible, I'm still into most bands that classify themselves as chillwave. Chilling out while looking at some waves? That's like, my favorite thing to do behind hanging out whilst relaxing. (New genre alert: Relaxout?) Thankfully, though, Neon Indian, who helped write the book on the chillwave genre, isn't terrible. In fact, we love them.

After two years on the road playing tracks from his 2009 debut record Psychic Chasm, Alan Palomo, the brainchild behind Neon Indian, is back with his second release entitled Era Extraña. Classified by Neon Indian's signature synthy electronic sounds, their first single, "Fallout," is pure psychedelic pop. And Alan's deep and slow vocals actually give the track a bit of an '80s vibe.

While there may not be a clear radio-friendly hook like Ke$ha's also synth-heavy "Shots On The Hood Of My Car,"  "Fallout" is a sultry and provocative lead single for Neon Indian's sophomore attempt. But, then again, why would a Neon Indian song sound like a Ke$ha song? I think this NYC heat is getting to me.

+ Listen To Neon Indian's "Fallout."