New Video: OK Go, 'All Is Not Lost'

Credit: FilmMagic

Power-pop group OK Go has created some of the most indelible and unique videos in the past few years, with elaborate Rube Goldbergs, trained dogs and choreographed treadmills all contributing to their visual style. The group's streak continues with their new one, "All Is Not Lost," which utilizes bodysuits, a glass table and a professional dance troupe to create a work that's more Google Chrome experiment than traditional video.

The group teamed up with director Trish Sie (sister of singer Damian Kulash), modern dance troupe Pilobolus and the guys at Google to create a video using 12 distinct windows in Chrome. Yeah. Dudes are cutting edge. Our favorite part: You can type any message you want, and it'll be incorporated into the dance.

"Working with Pilobolus -- and of course with Trish -- has been great because they share our belief that last century's creative boundaries are irrelevant," Kulash said in a statement. "You don't have to choose in advance whether your outlet is records, or films, or dances, or a computer program. Videos don't have to be subordinate advertising material for albums, and dance doesn't have to be confined to the theater."

Short version: Just watch this. Seriously. You'll thank us.

The group will release the All Is Not Lost EP on Aug. 9.

+ Watch OK Go's 'All Is Not Lost' video.