Watching The Throne & Killing Owling: It's Episode 1 Of MTV's Pop Music Web Show, 'Bigger Than The Buzz'

That's me, Tamar Anitai, and James Montgomery, demonstrating the absurdity of owling and why you absolutely should not do it.

Last week on the pilot episode of "Bigger Than The Buzz,"'s brand-new pop music show hosted by myself, Tamar Anitai of Buzzworthy (THAT'S THIS BLOG!) and James Montgomery (aka @positivnegativ, if you'd like to read his angry, ranting Tweets), we delved into the intriguing, oddly befuddling trend of pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry morphing into mermaids. Mermaids are the new Twilight, y'all. Which led us to creating the first-ever Lady Gaga centaur. We also tried to detangle the mystery that is "Popstar Trishii"'s terrifying "Kiss Kiss" video. Watch at your own peril. And we placed our bets on some VMA nominations, which came out this week.

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BUT, that was last week, and this is THURSDAY! Which is means it's time for the first official episode of "Bigger Than The Buzz," in which James and I discuss Kanye West and Jay-Z's "The Throne," which everyone and their mother -- and even James' mom Cheryl -- is watching! We came up with the ULTIMATE pop star collaboration -- spoiler alert: it's Lady Gaga and Britney Spears' yet-unreleased Born This Way, Y'all album, coming soon to a Target near you. And we discussed the WTF-isms surrounding Kreayshawn and her out-of-left-field VMA Best New Artist nomination. And FINALLY we tried to hammer the nail into the coffin that is the OWLING trend. Even though we declared it "in" last week, "Bigger Than The Buzz" is here to declare that OWLING IS OVER! THAT'S IT. RIP 2011 - 2011.

+ Watch Episode 1 of's New Pop Music Web Show, "Bigger Than The Buzz," check out the pilot too, and stay tuned for an all-new episode next week!