New Song: Chris Brown, 'Open Road (I Love Her)'

Credit: Getty Images

Understandably, Chris Brown is a tad bit miffed that all his new songs keep getting leaked. This past Tuesday, Chris tweeted that if the entire version of the song "Open Road (I Love Her)" was leaked, he wouldn't include it on his forthcoming album Fortune. SAD FACE, because it has.

"Open Road" is a gorgeous ballad likely drawing reference to Chris' tumultuous relationship history. He croons, "I should have been a better man/Instead of wasting time spending my life searching for the finer things/You always gave me another chance/To make it right but I didn't deserve/Cause I didn't understand." Though the song is well-produced and polished, Chris' vocals are intentionally at the foreground and clearly carry the record. "Open Road" serves as the perfect vehicle to showcase what Brown does best: sing a well-crafted R&B song. And that's not to say that I'm not super into Chris' new rapper persona, I'm just a traditionalist.

Even though Chris Brown might be peeved about the leak of "Open Road (I Love Her)," he should look on the bright side: If the song gets a music video, he'll probably get to role-play with a slew of hot models (or something).

+ Listen to Chris Brown's "Open Road (I Love Her)."