Star Spotting: Glitterless And Mud-Free Ke$ha Looks Suuuuper Pretty

Guys. GUYS. GUYS. I feel like I felt when I first witnessed the epic Clueless makeover montage -- when Cher and Dionne transform Tai from "loadie who generally hangs on the grassy knoll over there" to adorable teenage supermodel! AKA amazing!

In a new photo shoot with famed celeb photog Terry Richardson, Ke$ha got herself an economy-size container of Clorox wipes and showed us the real her -- no glitter, no mud, no whiskey residue. Just the "We R Who We R" singer and her super pretty smile, long blonde hair and a lovely décolletage that I had no clue she was working with. I believe this is what Mariah Carey would call some kind of "moment."

Ke$ha, sister, listen: Do this often. We love, love, love your take on glitterpunk American princess you have going on (and do so well), but you just look so radiant and natural here. As a Forever 21 shirt would say, "J'Adore!"

Credit all photos:Terry Richardson